L’s, L’s
D Rose what up man?
Roll that dope up!
Sosa Baby!

[Verse 1]
064 Boys, you betta know boy
Have my young niggas, kick a door boy
You better blow boy, cause we gon’ blow boy
You better duck boy, get on the floor boy
600 Boys, I rock with those boys
D.Rose boy, my lil bro boy
He gon’ blow boy, Get you gon’ boy
Y’all some lil boys, I’m a grown boy
Gimmie some racks, bout 5 stacks
And if he holding that? Ima rob that
Yeah I’m checking niggas, like a contract
Yous a lil nigga, I’m beyond that
Where yo moms at?, my dick she can climb that
Fuck A Tooka Gang, I let this ruger bang
For my bro-gods, I let this ruger sing
So don’t try us, we is too insane

OTF, for my niggas I’m going crazy
Chief Sosa, for that nigga they going crazy
So hide your lady, my niggas reckless they’ll fuck your lady
And let you have it, fuck nigga we all savage
300 savage with Lamron, it’s closed caskets
O-Block we blitzing niggas like John Madden
300 savage with Lamron, it’s closed caskets
O-Block we blitzing niggas, John Madden

[Verse 2]
Dart gang, it’s a dart game
And we don’t love hoes, or play heart games
In my own lane, it’s a smart thing
Cause of snitch niggas playing cops games
I let it fire bang! I am not lame
All my niggas grind, that’s a smart thing
Cause we gangbang, we is insane
We make bullets rain, fuck Tooka Gang
Sosa flex, he don’t wanna get hit that tec
My niggas next, if we ain’t eating that shit is dead
That nigga dead, fuck around with my hittas man
Frontstreet man, ? he a hitta man
Lollipop, that bitch licking my lollipop
Hit em from the top, that bitch slurping my lollipop
Better stop, fuck nigga we don’t fuck with opps
Or fuck with cops, snitch nigga get in a box

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