Ashley All Day – Lean Music Video

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[Hook (2X)]
Lean, lean, lean, lean
Lean, lean, you know I got that lean
Lean, lean, lean, lean
Finna rob a plug for that promethazine

[Verse 1]
Quarter pint, half a pint, whole pint, aye
Catch me in the Bay sipping syrup everyday
It’s Ashley All Day, your nigga know my name
I teach these bitches game ’bout the money and the fame
I go hard in the paint like Waka Flocka Flame
Pussy sweet like Actavis, niggas they can’t fuck with this
All you hoes can suck a dick, you know I got that lean
Lean, lean, if your bitch broke she not on my team
Team, stay getting green
Your nigga call my phone like a motherfucking fiend
Hitting licks, popping sticks, serving bricks, robbing tricks
Camera phone, take a pic, pop that pussy, get rich
Bitches want to be me, niggas want to see me
They do anything like bring me drugs just to meet me
Ashley All Day, all work, no breaks
Take your girl on a date, yeah, bitch I run the Bay


[Verse 2]
I look great, why you mad?
Bitches looking sad cause they know I got the swag
Ashley All Day, put the money in the bag
I’m on point, never lacking
Bad bitches ’round the world, what’s happening?
Stripper pole in the living room trapping
In the kitchen whipping work like magic
Don’t be talking too much, I won’t have it
Quarter bar, half a bar, whole bar, aye
Drop it in the Sprite, slow motion all day
Cop a couple bricks cause you know I push weight
All this money in the way, RIP Mac Dre
You could try, but you never gone be me
Feeling myself, bitch, it’s way too easy
Posted in the cut with a blunt and a beezy
Purse full of money, when I leave, you gone see me

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