ArcheAge Guild Housing

While we still wait for Trion’s official release of the westernized adaptation of Korean massively multiplayer online role-playing game ArcheAge from XL Studios, a process that is increasingly becoming painful as fans of the sandpark Asian mmo would love to delve right into it now, we at least YouTube video of gamers enjoying the Korean version of the game so that we have a glimpse of the things that could be possibly coming our way.

The video above shows a guild house in ArcheAge. Because ArcheAge incorporates a lot of sandbox elements, while also maintaining the theme park mmo feel of games like WoW, the ability for your character to make an impact on the environment around him is a lot more tangible in this game than others (even with Blizzard’s announcement that World of Warcraft will feature garrisons – a similar concept).

Trion is mum so far on an official release date but all signs are pointing to it happening this year. In a recent unveiling of a new games launcher, ArcheAge was on the roster of other Trion stalwarts like Rift as utilizing this new program.

We’ll definitely be sure to keep you posted as ArcheAge news develops. Until then, enjoy these YouTube videos of the possibilities that lie before the online community that will inhabit ArcheAge’s lush landscapes.

[videogallery video1=”youtube” url1=”XWP-DudjDBU” image1=”” caption1=”Housing Construction in ArcheAge” video2=”youtube” url2=”529in9ycPg4″ image2=”” caption2=”How Housing Works in ArcheAge” video3=”youtube” url3=”VR86dOjmvxw” image3=”” caption3=”ArcheAge Red Dragon Boss Fight” video4=”youtube” url4=”3o8KyLpFhOE” image4=”” caption4=”Justice, Court, and Jail in ArcheAge” ]


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