1. DemagagaSilvio Berlusconi Threatens to Bring Down Italian Government
  2. Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Exile in London
  3. Hong Kong Police Arrest 1,800 in Crackdown on Triads
  4. Doctors Without Borders Confirms Gas Attacks in Syria
  5. Australian Politician Blames the United States’ Lax Gun Laws for Killing of Chris Lane
  6. Nigerian Islamists Accused of Slaughtering Villagers
  7. Nordic Newspapers Write Open Letter to David Cameron Regarding The Guardian and Edward Snowden
  8. Syria Warns the Middle East ‘Will Burn’ If Attacked
  9. Iranian President Rouhani Confirms Chemical Weapons in Syria, Calls on World to Stop Them
  10. Ethnic Violence Against the Romani Attempted by Neo-Nazis in the Czech Republic