Illinois Representative Tammy Duckworth lost both her legs and could possibly lose use of her arm after her National Guard helicopter was gunned down during a patrol in Iraq. Having suffered immensely in the course of service to her country, Representative Duckworth is in a unique position to comment on the many challenges veterans face in the United States when they are recovering from a debilitating injury.

To add to the difficulties of adjusting to a new life paradigm, the bureaucracy and myriad of hoops injured veterans have to go through to get treatment can needlessly prolong the suffering an individual must endure. Of course, many of these safeguards are the products of abuse by individuals such as Braulio Castillo who allegedly has claimed veteran’s disability benefits due to an injury he suffered in a military academy as a young boy. Though this did not present itself until years later and, indeed, allegedly was of a level of severity that did not prevent Castillo from playing football as a quarterback in high school, Braulio Castillo remains convinced of his entitlement to military compensation and even places himself on par with individuals such as Representative Duckworth.

Needless to say, as demonstrated in the video, Tammy Duckworth loses no time taking Braulio Castillo to task who, throughout the cringe-worthy back-and-forth between himself and Representative Duckworth, evidences no remorse or even the slightest hint of awareness of wrongdoing. The sooner individuals such as him are rooted out of the system the better for us all. Setting a bad example for his children? That’s putting it mildly, indeed.


[Breaking Defense]