Day: June 1, 2013


News Headlines June 1, 2013

Second Day of Anti-Government Protests in Turkey Youth Unemployment in Greece and Spain Above 50% Neuroscientist Suggests Religious Fundamentalism Could One Day Be Treated as a Mental Illness Russia Dispatches Aircraft Carrier to the Mediterranean US Call for Tiananmen Square Massacre Disclosure Angers People’s Republic of China Mexicans Protest Monsanto with Corn Carnival Bank of […]

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Archival Color Video of 1930s New York City: Amazing Look at Manhattan Before WWII

The 70 something year old footage was stored by the Romano Archive and filmed by a French tourist, Jean Vivier, in the summer of 1939. It’s beautiful to see New York City when it was beginning to emerge as a world financial and commercial capital. It is also interesting to note the dignified dress and […]

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RPG Video Games (Role-Playing Games)

Hot Games of 2013: Pokemon X/Y

A sad fact of life is that, aside from its ubiquity and popularity, I have never played a Pokemon game although I was tempted with a few of the DS offerings. Now, with the release of the 3d Pokemon X/Y collection for Nintendo’s awesome handheld, the 3DS, I think I might have to try it […]

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