Scottish cyclist and olympian Sir Chris Hoy faced a firestorm of controversy online in his homeland of Scotland after making comments that described some disadvantages Scotland could face in terms of athletic competition internationally if the state decides to leave the United Kingdom and become an independent, sovereign state.

The nation’s most accomplished olympian, Sir Chris Hoy highlighted Scotland’s lack of training facilities necessary for it to compete on an international level. Among the vitriolic comments thrown his way include statements claiming that Sir Chris is a bigoted, anti-Scot as well as those that highlight his educational background at a private school in Edinburgh. The debate for and against Scottish independence is a bitter one thus far with both sides claiming that the other is creating a climate that affords little in productive, national dialogue. Nigel Farage, United Kingdom Independence Party member, was recently barricaded in a Scottish bar by Scotland independence supporters outside.

The vote represent’s one of Scotland’s greatest chances at national independence since the Acts of Union in 1707.

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