Now we don’t claim to know anything about North Korean geography, or whether Wonsan would even be appropriate for the location of said resort, but reports have emerged from Pyongyang that the central government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea plans on bringing luxury, alpine trails to the mountains and vistas of the world’s last Stalinist state. The province chosen is Kangwon Province, a province located in the southern portion of North Korea abutting South Korea and the DMZ. Likely chosen for its proximity to the RoK, the planned ski resort is just one among many of the schemes the DPRK has floated about in recent months in order to churn hard currency for the national economy. But, not all may be as simple as that, according to some in South Korea. Current skiing trails in the DPRK are for military use only and it is speculated that the new resort will be utilized for the same purposes.

‘The fact that North Korea is spending exorbitant amounts of money building a ski resort while its people and even its military don’t have enough to eat shows that this is just a move to advertise the image of Kim Jong Un as a leader who cares about his people,’ an anonymous North Korean defector told NK News.