Previews of Upcoming Indie Title ‘Sir, You Are Being Hunted’ Promise Intense Sessions of Virtual ‘Hide-and-Seek’

Indie games studio Big Robot is hard at work on a survival game that fuses Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game with Britishisms and robots. This is a winning combination. Intense, creepy, and more than a little terrifying, on its face Sir, You Are Being Hunted also invokes the recent indie blockbuster hit, Slenderman, another game somewhat centered on escaping a hunter in dogged pursuit.

You can preorder the game from Big Robot now for $20.

Running away from enemies, rather than confronting them head on, always introduces a different kind of dynamic for a gamer expecting to take control of the situation and overcome obstacles. Perpetually fleeing and being rendered somewhat helpless turns the tables enough to make it an interesting and, likely, an intense experience.