1. Greek Golden Dawn MP Shouts ‘Heil Hitler’ During Parliamentary Session
  2. Russia Confused About International Outrage Over Syrian Arms Sales
  3. UK Public Accounts Committee Chairperson Margaret Hodges Tells Google: ‘You Do Evil’ in Underpaying Taxes
  4. Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel Protest Israeli Defense Ministry Plans to Draft Them
  5. Bashar Al-Assad Winning in Syrian Civil War
  6. Internet Sensation, Hitchhiker Kai Arrested, Suspect in Murder in New Jersey
  7. 5-Year Old Saves Mother, Asks to Be Called ‘Batman’
  8. Bill Gates Retakes Title of World’s Richest Man
  9. Monsanto Protection Act Repeal Sought
  10. Kentucky Woman Solves Town Murder, Becomes Social Pariah