Former British Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher Dies Aged 87

Margaret_ThatcherFormer British Prime Minister, the Baroness Margaret Thatcher, has died at age 87. She reportedly passed peacefully after suffering a stroke at the Ritz in central London.

Her passing was mourned by current Tory PM David Cameron as well as the Queen herself who said she was saddened to hear the news.

Margaret Thatcher was the first female PM of Great Britain, and will be accorded a ceremony with full honors at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Baroness Thatcher was Prime Minister from 1979 until 1990, a period in British history that saw the aftermath of empire and the collapse of communism as well as the rise of the European Union.

A staunch advocate for British status in Europe and abroad, Thatcher resisted any moves to place Britain more firmly into the euro zone and even repelled an invading Argentine army from its possessions in the Falklands. Noted for her personal strength and determined character, Thatcher transformed the British economy with reforms that smashed long-held state monopolies and opened up inefficient industries to new competition.

Margaret Thatcher loved this country and served it with all she had. For that she has her well-earned place in history – and the enduring respect and gratitude of the British people.

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister