United States Military Dispatches B-2 Bombers to South Korea Amid Tensions with the DPRK

The United States military has sent two nuclear capable B-2 bombers on a training mission to the Republic of Korea (RoK) amid threats from Pyongyang of an imminent nuclear war.

In an official announcement, the United States armed forces reported that they flew two stealth bombers from United States bases in Japan to drop munitions in South Korea before returning home later Friday.

The DPRK has issued many threats recently among which is the absolution of its armistice agreement with the United States and South Korea that ended the Korean War in 1956.

The United States and South Korea have repeated that the drills are a normal part of joint-operations between the two countries in fulfillment of the obligations outlined in their joint-defense pact.

Kim Jong-un, the young leader of North Korea, has tried to introduce some small reforms in his country, according to North Korean propaganda. But it is clear that he has adopted the style of his father, Kim Jong-il, in terms of international engagement – employing a style that ratchets up tensions on the peninsula in pursuit of regime aims.

The Obama administration is sending a strong signal to the DPRK with its dispatching of  two B-2 stealth bombers to joint-operations with South Korea, a departure from tactics of the past which have relied mainly upon United Nations (UN) sanctions and diplomatic maneuvering.

Unlike the Bush administration, which rarely displayed military muscle with regard to North Korea, the Obama Administration has signaled it is willingness to engage more directly with the DPRK.