New Flag Proposed for Australia

The new flag would leave the nation’s British heritage and push forward with a fusion of Aboriginal elements in a reinterpretation of the current flag.


Australian National University military historian Dr. John Blaxland designed the flag and worked to incorporate the nation’s past, its aboriginal heritage, and a multicultural future.


The flag features 250 dots representing the 250 aboriginal languages. Whatever new flag is ultimately approved, the call to change the flag comes from a wide-swath of Australian society. Some abhor the British Union Jack in the upper corner, others just think it is time for a distinct flag that stands for nothing but Australia.

Why on earth, in the 21st century, do we still have a flag that reserves 25 per cent of its acreage proclaiming our allegiance, first and foremost, to Great Britain!? You can’t believe in multiculturalism and support a flag that asserts the primacy of the Anglo race. We need a flag that reflects the equality of our citizens, not vaunts one lot over other.

Peter FitzSimons, former union rugby player and author writing for the The Sydney Morning Herald


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