Protests Continue Against Mohammed Morsi in Egypt

Protests still rage in Egypt during the second anniversary of similar actions that swept former longtime Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak from power.


The rallies in the famed Tahrir Square have called for President Mohammed Morsi to step down from his post, with charges that he and the Muslim Brotherhood have betrayed the revolution and seek to subvert Egypt’s democracy.


Protests occurred in the Egyptian capital Cairo as well as in Alexandria and Ismailia.

Our revolution is continuing. We reject the domination of any party over this state. We say no to the Brotherhood state

Hamdeen Sabahi, leftist politician

Concrete walls were constructed along a lot of the routes into and out Tahrir Square in November 2012 in order to prevent mass gatherings from taking place.

Protesters have attempted to dismantle some of the walls and there are reports that the opposition is successfully blocking rail-lines into and out of the city of Cairo. The political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Freedom and Justice Party, has had several of its offices attacked as part of the opposition’s response to Morsi’s constitutional amendments last year.

In addition to what some see as the threat Morsi poses to Egypt’s fledgling democracy, the economy during his tenure has crumbled.

For his part, President Morsi says the opposition’s charges are unfair and he renews his calls for a national dialogue.