India’s Congress Party Names Rahul Gandhi Vice President

In an effort to boost the 42-year old heir to the GandhiNehru political dynasty’s helm, India’s ruling Congress Party created the post of Vice President of the party and nominated him to fill the seat, underscoring his position as the party’s number two under his mother Sonia Gandhi, the Congress Party president.

Sonia is the wife of deceased former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who was assassinated in 1991. Thus far, Rahul has expressed reluctance at assuming a place in the spotlight; however, being the son and grandson of former Indian prime ministers has made him an electoral certainty for the Congress Party.

Rahul had this to say about his nomination as Vice President of the Congress Party:

For me, the Congress Party is now my life. People of India are my life. I will fight for people of India and this party with everything I have. Every single Indian is going to be supported by the Congress.

Some reluctance to venture into politics is understandable since his father and grandmother were assassinated while in office. The Congress Party has led Indian government in a coalition called the United Progressive Alliance since 2004.

In upcoming elections, the coalition is going to be placed under enormous pressure to overcome charges of corruption as well as presenting credible measures to boost economic performance. Additionally, an outbreak of gang rapes has increased scrutiny on the role and rights of women in Indian society.


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