Assassination Attempt on Bulgarian Politician Ahmed Dogan Fails

While speaking at a party congress in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, Ahmed Dogan, leader of the ethnic Turkish political party Movement for Rights and Freedoms, narrowly escaped an assassin’s gun in a dramatic event captured on video today.

The armed man was then wrestled to the ground by security guards as well as Dogan himself. Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov stated that the assassin had a record for robberies and possession of drugs. He attempted to fire his weapon twice and it misfires both times, likely saving Dogan’s life. Ahmed Dogan has led the MRF party for nearly 28 years. It is a liberal party that represents Bulgaria’s ethnic Turks and Muslims which comprise some 12% of Bulgaria’s population of 8 million.

Bulgarian society is traditionally known for its tolerance, mutual acceptance and respect between different ethnic groups and religions.

Such an act is unacceptable in a democratic state.

Rosnen Plevneliev, President of Bulgaria