Belgian Queen Fabiola Criticized by Prime Minister Di Rupo Over Alleged Tax Avoidance Inheritance Scheme

Tensions were high between the royal family of Belgium and the government of Prime Minister Di Rupo after his criticism of an inheritance scheme that Queen Fabiola is implementing that Di Rupo says avoids taxes.

Because of Queen Fabiola’s actions, the Prime Minister has proposed reform for the $20 million annual allowance paid out by the state to the monarchy.

Critics of the Queen’s inheritance scheme criticize it because it would allow her to leave some of her wealth to family members and avoid paying the requisite state tax on estates.

Queen Fabiola has responded to these criticisms by stating that funds from the Belgian government would be excluded from her estate and that the annual stipend received from the state goes to royal household upkeep expenses, mainly “housekeeping, of which the biggest part is staff wages.”


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