Mad Men Sets Record for Most Losses Ever at an Emmy Awards Ceremony

Nominated for 17 Emmys but the winner of none, Mad Men has earned the dubious distinction of being the grandest failure to ever cross the stage at an Emmy awards event.

Though the show is masterfully produced, written, cast, costumed, and structured, Season 5 was regarded by many as somewhat of a low-point for the show with the introduction of various telenovella elements and the sobering of the Donald Draper character.

Needless to say, for Season 6, AMC needs to bring back the mojo. Normally the favorite show for the television awards gala, Mad Men joined previous nominees Northern Exposure and The Larry Sanders Show for having received numerous nominations but no wins within the evening.

This breaks Mad Men’s previously impressive winning streak at the Emmys. Sadly, while a winner in previous years, Mad Men also holds the record for the number of actors nominated with no wins. It has had 25 nominations in five seasons and has never won in lead, supporting, or guest actor.


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