iStupidity: Apple Store Robber Smashes Storefront, Steals Ten iPads, Destroys His BMW

In a maneuver that will surely go down in history as one being well worth it, a Los Angeles resident is charged with using his 2003 BMW X5 SUV to drive through the front of an Apple Store in Temecula, CA to steal iPhone and iPad display models.

After performing a thorough cost-benefit analysis, the robbers initiated the plan thinking that whatever damage was done to their luxury SUV would be offset by the theft of the display units. In a twist of fate likely unaccounted for in the hours-long brainstorming sessions that led to this quest, the Apple Store’s security grate activated and trapped the SUV within the store.

Everything was caught on camera, of course, and in the YouTube era it is already taking off as one of the finest examples of stupidity’s perseverance in the face of adversity.