Game of Thrones: Season 2, Episode 8 – ‘The Prince of Winterfell’ Review and Synopsis

Asha Greyjoy arrives on horseback to Winterfell. To Theon’s dismay, her greeting is less than warm and her approach less than respectful. She lets him know how stupid killing the Starks was in terms of their worth. In a moment of tenderness, she attempts to convince him to come home to the Iron Islands instead of staying behind to die at Winterfell for his folly.

Beyond the Wall, Jon is still dealing with his mistakes in handling Ygrid and finds himself the wildlings’ captive. Luckily for him, he is not the only Night’s Watch man being held. His scouting party attempted to track him down and ended up being slaughtered in an ambush. Good work, Jon Snow.

Talisa, the girl from Volantis, is working her way into Robb’s life, likely to screw it up beyond all recognition by messing up potential political alliances. If Robb falls for her, the North will lose valuable currency in his being a bachelor and, thus, marriageable to the realm’s heiresses.

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Catelyn freed Jaime from his bonds and has incurred the wrath of the entire northern camp. This is an act of treason against her son, the declared king of the North. In hopes of having her daughters returned to her, Catelyn sent Jaime along with Brienne to King’s Landing. As with most of Catelyn’s foolhardy actions, this one was likely a grave strategic miscalculation.

‘All my life men like you have sneered at me, and all my life I’ve knocked men like you into the dust.’

Tywin’s advisors tell him that Stannis’ troops are sure to overrun King’s Landing and that Cersei and Joffrey should flee the capital.

‘He’ll risk anything at any time because he doesn’t know enough to be afraid.’

After overhearing Tywin’s plans to attack Robb’s camp, Arya frantically tries to find Jaqen but to no avail. Was she going to use her last choice on Tywin himself? Most likely.

Tywin’s plan to march on Robb’s army in the night might endanger the whole northern campaign. Meanwhile back at Joffrey’s folly, Tyrion is with Bronn scouring ancient texts for hints on how to repel Stannis’ coming invasion.

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Sam and his brothers find a Night’s Watch cloak underneath a stone with primitive markings. Wrapped in the cloak are shards of dragon glass and, if you will remember from previous episodes, this can be used to kill the white walkers.

After finally catching up with Westeros’ most skilled assassin, Jaqen H’ghar, Arya asks him to kill himself for his third death since he cannot catch up with Tywin in time to kill him before Tywin launches his attack on Robb’s camp. By naming Jaqen, Arya bargains with him to find a way to escape Harrenhal.

‘Because I have your little whore. … Tell me have you married this one yet?’

Cersei’s revenge on Tyrion involves Shae but does it really? After calculating that Tyrion is somehow plotting to kill Joffrey, as well as his shipping Myrcella off to Dorne, Cersei is more than eager to get back at him. Thankfully, Cersei marches out the wrong whore and she doesn’t seem to know who Shae is…yet. Tyrion plays along somewhat effortlessly of course.

‘I will hurt you for this. A day will come when you think you are safe and happy and it will turn into ashes in your mouth. Then you will know, the debt it paid.’

Between his mother and Talisa from Volantis, Robb is going to be utterly ruined. These two women introduce elements of chaos into his life. His confession that he doesn’t want to marry the Frey girl, and his subsequent hook up with the Talisa from Volantis, are solid pieces of evidence in the corner for Robb’s losing his grip on everything.

His castle sacked by Theon, his mother setting free VIP prisoners, and now Talisa’s endangering his army’s ability to cross the Twins are all going to contribute to Robb’s untimely downfall It seems his head will roll, just as his father’s did.

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‘Imagine Stannis’ terror. … I am trying.’

Tyrion and Varys share their mutual concerns about Joffrey’s upcoming battle. Additionally, Varys tells Tyrion about Daenerys’ dragons in Qarth and her eventual return to Westeros. Speaking of which, the Khaleesi rejects Mormont’s idea to flee to Astapor. She wants to retrieve her dragons from the House of the Undying.

Osha is seen with bread in hand back at Winterfell. Little does he know, but Bran and Rickon are hiding out under Theon’s very nose in the Winterfell crypts.


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