Mad Men: Season 5, Episode 6 – ‘Far Away Places’ Review and Synopsis

Peggy and her beau are having problems in their relationship because of Peggy’s work schedule. On top of everything, Peggy is being superstitious about having misplaced some lucky charm that Don had given her. She needs it to help her with the Heinz presentation. At the last minute, Don takes Megan to Howard Johnson’s and leaves Peggy and crew to handle the presentation on their own. Needless to say, Peggy is nervous about having been given the helm of the ship in Don’s absence.

Please note: Spoilers ahead.

Of course, Don’s absence has a negative effect on Raymond’s reception of the project. In a moment of backbone, Peggy nearly loses her cool with Raymond and winds up getting taken off of the Heinz account entirely. She takes this opportunity to go to the movies. A few puffs of a joint with a complete stranger later and her problems seem further away.

She proceeds to give this guy a hand job – I can only assume for getting her high. I guess this demonstrates that, even though she can’t please the Heinz representative, she can please some random guy in a theatre?

Don calls Peggy in a huff asking whether anyone had called her because no one had called Dawn. She tries to tell him that the meeting with Heinz didn’t go well but he is not interested in this and his mind is elsewhere in the conversation. Who knows what is up with Don Draper? It is always something new.

Ginsberg tells Peggy that he is the child of a concentration camp prisoner and that his adoptive father found him in a Swedish orphanage. It upsets Peggy to the extent that she needs her boyfriend to join her at her apartment for the evening.

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Roger tries to convince Don to join him on an excursion to a Howard Johnson’s near Plattsburgh, New York. Don wants to include Megan but Roger reminds him the explicit purpose of the trip was to not have Megan join along.

‘It was a dumb idea.’

‘I said you like nice and I don’t want to do this.’

Shockingly, Jane Sterling runs with an educated crowd capable of carrying on an intellectual conversation – or does she? Apparently Roger was supposed to join Jane in an LSD session with each other.

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‘He’s not making this up. It’s all from the Tibetan Book of the Damned.’

While one lady crawls around on the floor, Roger begins to trip and he has visions of Donald Draper, who promptly tells him he needs to join Jane on the couch.

Basically after they trip together on LSD they mutually reveal that the marriage is at an end. We also discover that the group they took LSD with was Jane’s doctor which explains why she would be with a group of people we normally wouldn’t expect her to be hanging around.

Apparently Jane didn’t remember that she revealed to Roger her having second thoughts about getting divorced. She tells him that it is going to be very expensive which is always heartwarming.

The episode then leaves the Roger thread and follows Don and Megan on their way to Howard Johnson’s. Maybe the episode is playing in some sort of odd chronology and why Don was frantic on the phone earlier with Peggy will be explained.

‘I wonder how Heinz went. Peggy seemed nervous.’

With this statement, we realize that the episode is showing in some sort of strange chronological order.

‘It’s not a destination, it’s on the way to someplace.’

Megan seems frustrated by Don’s attitude and approach to their relationship. It’s interesting that she’s upset she left work early and abandoned Peggy to handle Heinz alone. She begins to act a bit childish and it erupts into a full fledged fight between the two of them. While Don has done a great job of putting up a front of domestic harmony, there have been a few instances where we have seen a crack in the facade. Here’s a big one.

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Unlike Betty, Megan is not going to be bossed around probably because she’s younger and slightly crazier. Suspiciously Don only finds Megan’s glasses on the pavement of the parking lot, lending a mysterious and nefarious air to the whole drama.

The restaurant ends up closing down and Don still has no sign of Megan, making for a long, solo drive home back to New York. During this drive he remembers when he and Megan first met and their drive home from Disney World with Sally and Bobby in the backseat.

After chasing Megan around the apartment she and Don somewhat reconcile their differences. A revision of work was dropped on Don’s desk by Mr. Cooper who confronts Don about how little he has been doing around the office. Don tells him it is none of his business to which he replies ‘This is my business.’

‘A client left here unhappy yesterday because you have a little girl running everything.’


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