Guilty Verdict for Florida Father Accused of Assaulting Teen in YouTube Fight

Minimum sentence of ten-years in a Florida prison to be levied upon man who fainted in the courtroom upon the reading of the verdict.

A Florida father in Brevard County that interjected himself into the middle of a fight between his teenage son and another boy may find himself spending the next decade or so in a Florida state prison following a guilty verdict delivered only after six hours of deliberation by a jury.

The tough man reportedly fainted upon hearing the guilty verdict and is likely even further dismayed by the minimum amount of time he will have to serve for fighting on behalf of his son against another child.

While many parents can understand a desire to protect and defend their offspring, apparently this Florida father bashed the young man’s face in so severely that it shifted his teeth and has rendered them permanently numb to sensation.

All in all, it is a social expectation that the ‘wisdom of the elders’ will win out in the day and that adults can discern between matters into which they need to be involved and those into which they had best remain aloof. Sadly that faculty was somewhat lacking in this case.


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