Protests in Egypt Against Military Rule.

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Thousands upon thousands of protestors have amassed once again in Egypt’s famed Tahrir Square to protest the continued military rule of their country and to demand the process of transition to a civilian-led government. Called the “Friday of One Demand,” the protestors were called to action by a recent document released by the military discussing its function as the guardian of the Egyptian constitution and arguing for its continued rule over the apparatus of state. Islamists and political liberals both gathered in the square, symbolizing how disenchanted a wide swath of Egyptian society is with the military’s actions since the fall of Hosni Mubarak. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the committee that replaced Mubarak after his fall, had promised the beginnings of elections in 2012 but is now retracting that promise in favor of a new plan which envisions civilian government by 2013. Of the groups protesting this move, the Islamist protestors are the loudest and most vocal groups, chief among them the Salafists and Muslim Brotherhood which, through its Freedom and Justice Party, could emerge as a power player in any civilian government.


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