Links Between Neo-Nazi Gang and German Secret Service?

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Ties linking the Neo-Nazi “National Socialist Underground” gang responsible for a string of terror bombings in Germany to Germany’s own secret service have been revealed in the wake of the suicides of two suspected members. The group is believed to be responsible for the murder of  a policewoman and nine immigrant street vendors with gun shots to the face in broad daylight. These attacks were the worst by a far right group since the end of World War II. The group had been on the lam for quite some time and a long term police investigation had yielded little until recent developments. Two leaders of the gang, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt, were found in a burned out mobile home having committed suicide after being called in for questioning in regards to a bank robbery in which each had participated. A third, Beate Zschäpe, was apprehended in Zwickau after trying to bomb her apartment to destroy evidence. Evidence found in the ruins of Zschäpe’s destroyed apartment linking the group to the murders of the Greek and eight Turkish vendors was found alongside intelligence documents that suggest the gang members were working as German secret service insiders.


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