No Need for Class, You Have an A.

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A professor at George Washington University medical school in Washington, D.C. has resigned following student complaints that the professor never showed up to class and that all the students enrolled received an A for essentially signing up for the course. The assertion that the professor did not show up for class should be taken in its most literal sense – i.e. not even for the first class. Venetia Orcutt, Ph.D., resigned six days after Washington University’s provost received a complaint from a graduate student in the Physician Assistant program who had enrolled in Orcutt’s Evidence Based Medicine course. Multiple letters confirmed this, and even one went so far as to allege that the class never met for two whole semesters yet the students received A’s in the courses. Dr. Orcutt was head of the Physician Assistant program at George Washington University medical school and has not been in touch with the media since her resignation.