Mitt Romney Appears to Be the Strongest Candidate for Winning the Republican Nomination for President.

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Mitt Romney is consolidating his support among Republican primary voters in the United States and looks poised to take the GOP nomination for 2012 if all goes as planned. Though he has a few hurdles to overcome, namely his Mormon faith and progressive policies while governor of Massachusetts, thus far Romney has not been as polarizing a figure as Michelle Bachmann, as gaff prone as Rick Perry nor as beset by scandal as Herman Cain. Mitt Romney is a veteran of the nomination process, having been fully vetted during his run for the 2008 nomination. Though his record in Massachusetts as governor may prove a detriment for him in the Republican primaries, it could become a boon for him during the election season against presumed Democratic nominee President Barack Obama as Romney could not be portrayed as an extremist like some of his fellow candidates. The major issue in the upcoming presidential election will be the economy and while the president is not actually responsible in any real way for economic performance, it is definitely a major factor in any reelection campaign, particularly if the economy is as weak as it is currently. A political contest between Obama and Romney would perhaps be of a more subdued nature than previous election seasons as both men are highly educated and the contest and their interactions with each other will likely reflect this.


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