Ridley Scott to Direct Blade Runner Sequel.

Image via Flickr

News of the Blade Runner sequel was greeted joyously by fans of the cyberpunk/noir 1980’s film and now comes word that Ridley Scott, director of the first film as well as the classic 1979 horror science fiction thriller Alien, will return to direct the sequel. Scott revealed in an interview that the film will be a sequel, not a prequel as some had speculated, and that the character of Deckard will not be returning. While he says he has been searching for a writer, Scott also reveals that he thinks he is close to having found one and that a film can be expected to follow shortly thereafter. Blade Runner is a seminal work in film representation of the cyberpunk genre, and its style has been echoed in video games like Hideo Kojima’s Snatcher. Ridley Scott also directed the legendary 1984 style Macintosh commercial and the director is known for his distinct cinematography. It will be interesting to see what Scott can do with the best of modern technology at his disposal. I really hope to see more backstory revealed in the sequel as well as more interaction with the city the characters live in given the technological limitations of the past are no longer a real concern.


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