Downton Abbey to Return for Third Series.

As this blog has been viewing the ITV drama, Downton Abbey, for some time now it has come as pleasant news that the series has been renewed for a third by ITV. Downton Abbey has recently found success here in the U.S. and the first series is currently shown on the PBS network. The Edwardian period drama focuses on the lives of the lords, ladies and servants of the titular Downton Abbey. While it is heavily laden with British tropes and convenient plot resolutions, it is nonetheless quality television featuring some of the best actors and actresses in Britain, including Dame Maggie Smith, who is always thoroughly enjoyable and adds a certain class to any production. Julian Fellowes, of Gosford Park fame, has written for the series as well as created and produced it. The cinematography and costuming are absolutely breathtaking and place the show’s production on a quality level equivalent to those seen on HBO in the U.S. Be sure to tune into Downton Abbey on PBS, or view Series One through Netflix. It is well worth your time. Be sure to come back to Demagaga for your episode review and synopsis.