North Koreans in Libya Cannot Come Home for Fear of Importing Revolution.

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Libya and the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea were quite friendly prior to the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. Now that Gaddafi’s dictatorship has joined the likes of Ozymandias, Kim Jong-il is wary to have those North Koreans return, most of whom were sent abroad to Libya and elsewhere to work on anything from rockets and weaponry to medicine and technology. The average North Korean likely has no knowledge of the fall of Gaddafi whatsoever since media is strictly controlled by the government in the North Korean communist dictatorship and given how many people die trying to escape North Korea, being told one cannot come home is perhaps not the worst news one could receive. North Korean state news predicted that the rebels in Libya would be crushed, so to reveal otherwise would not only cast doubt on the infallibility of the North Korean government but may also inspire revolution at home. North Korean nationals in other countries like Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East have also been told they will be unable to return home while the unrest in the Middle East continues.



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