Militia Blogger Accused of Inspiring Retirees in Terror Plot.

Four retirees from Georgia allegedly formed a militia and hatched a plot to assassinate unnamed politicians and use the deadly toxin ricin in targeted attacks against the government. Mike Vanderboegh, Alabama blogger and militia activist, is accused of inspiring the plot, a charge that he repudiates. Vanderboegh has blogged about Americans being disenchanted with the federal government and has encouraged readers to throw breaks at Democratic National Committee offices throughout the nation in response to Obama’s healthcare reforms. Though no charges have been brought against Mike Vanderboegh because of the alleged inspiration he gave these would-be domestic terrorists, he did say that this kind of notoriety was to be expected given how he has positioned himself online on his blog. Mike Vanderboegh even mocked the would-be terrorists alleged plot and says he has never advocated violence against the government but recognizes its possibility if the “government were to attack citizens first.” The Huffington Post describes Vanderboegh as a “big man with thinning gray hair,” who “gets by on disability payments.” The source of these disability payments is left unspecified.

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