Saab Has Been Saved, Now for the New 9-3?

After being saved with an infusion of Chinese cash, Swedish car brand Saab will now be able to move on as an automotive concern and the first order of business is obviously new product. In a presentation given to the Swedish National Debt Office, Saab allegedly unveiled sketch designs of the new 9-3 model. Swedish rag Svenska Dagbladet has made these sketches available, one of which is shown above. The design clearly shows 9-3 DNA and heritage without straying too far from the past. Basically, it is a design that plays it safe and, given Saab’s niche status, this is probably a safe move in the long run as it is a company that depends on a loyal customer base who likely come to dealerships laden with certain expectations as to what they think a Saab is and should be. Saab cars have always employed quirky yet likable designs. I’m glad some rich concern in China saw fit to give them a new lease on life.

[Svenska Dagbladet]