If You’re Going to Rob Wal-Mart, Don’t Leave Your Kids Behind.

A 19 year old Louisville man and his 18 year old female friend were caught shoplifting at a local Wal-Mart along with the woman’s 3 year old and 18 month old children in tow. Upon being caught, the man and woman apparently fled and left the children behind. The mother of the children had already been banned from the store for stealing items previously and apparently attempted to return later to claim her kids. The only problem with that was that Wal-Mart’s security noticed she had a bunch of stolen makeup under her baby car seat. If anything it is apparent that it is her stupidity that presents more a present danger to society and her children, the real victims of this story. A different kind of stupidity than that exhibited by the gentleman who held up the gas station with a cop behind him.

[The Consumerist]

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