‘High rollers’ disgust Beijing residents.

A big time Beijing property developer has been charged with “weapons offenses,” whatever that is is unexplained in this article, after a drag race with a rival ends in a fire. The Independent reports Beijing residents being upset with the rich guys treating the city like their own personal playground. To quote: “Wang Ke and Wang Shuo were allegedly racing their cars on the streets of Beijing’s popular shopping district Wangfujing in December when they both crashed near a busy intersection. The two men, who share the common Chinese surname Wang but are not related, got into a row.Wang Shuo then allegedly pointed a gun through the car window at Wang Ke, who called the police. Wang Shuo then put his car into reverse and rammed Wang Ke’s car, according to the charge sheet, and fled the scene leaving the vehicle burning in the street.” Is this China or the United States? Another incident of rich kids gone wild recounts the son of a singer hitting a couple with his car while he drove without a license. Wang Ke defended himself on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter called Weibo, saying he was not an irresponsible playboy but a family man and businessman who was struggling in these economic times.