The Telegraph has more detail on the strange story about the boy who spent five years living in the Berlin wilderness with his father. His name is Ray but he has no recollection of what his last name may be. His father’s name was Ryan from what people can surmise and Ray is completely unfamiliar with concepts like a passport or any other form of id. His father apparently taught him English because it was an ‘important language.’ So now no one is sure if he is even from an English speaking country. The Telegraph article is true to British hysterics with the emotional quotes and sensationalistic coverage but underneath is a story so strange that it is almost unbelievable. How did he and his father survive in the woods in a major industrialized nation for five years? Ray reportedly went to live in the forest with his father following the death of his mother in a car crash. The Daily Mail corroborates much of what The Telegraph said. It is also featured in the Berliner Morgenpost, if you read German or have Google Chrome it’s worth a look.

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