Top Posts Recap for September 14th to September 20th 2011.

This week, readers loved the inherent problems in a Jewish professor being labeled anti-Semitic as well as the apparent problems the poor dog, Malibu, probably had being the emotional support of a Californian. Pat Robertson continues his spiral into senility and irrelevance. Surely, when the rapture comes, he won’t be welcome in the Porn Bunker but showering coed starlets and VIPs certainly will flock to Van Nuys when the time is right. An English speaking boy emerges from the forest surrounding Berlin after spending five years there with his father and a California Congresswoman found herself fleeced by her campaign manager. Now she knows how taxpayers feel.

York University Jewish Professor Cameron Johnston Accused of Antisemitism by Irrational Student Sarah Grunfeld.

Idiot leaves dog in car at Six Flags, dog is freed and rushes to freedom.

Pat Robertson approves of adultery and divorce if your spouse has Alzheimers. What a Christian.

Welcome to the Porn Bunker.

English Speaking Boy Emerges from German Forest After 5 years.

California Congresswoman US Rep. Susan Davis fleeced of $250,000 by campaign manager.