Lisa Marie Milligan, 50, and her daughter, Cassondra Marie Rassi, 25, faced charges in Florida for planting a pipe bomb in the car of their drug dealer who had ripped them off of $400 in a recent drug deal gone sour. The mother-daughter team enlisted the help of 24-year old John Jenkins in building the pipe bomb, which they then placed in the tailpipe of the victims car and fled the scene. The bomb exploded, damaging a nearby car and sending shrapnel into the parking lot. The mother and daughter team plead guilty to charges of possession of an unregistered destructive device and possession of a destructive device by a convicted felon, each count worth ten years in a federal prison.

[Orlando Sentinel]

  • Ellery Curtis

    There was a drug related car-to-car shooting where two were killed about 2-3 blocks from my campus in Philadelphia. This just 1-2 weeks into my college experience back in 2001. This type of stuff I would say underscores the need to move toward legalization of drugs. The drug war – “WINNING!!”,8599,1893946,00.html

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