Silvio Berlusconi admits to sexing up 8 women in one night, in addition to insulting German Chancellor Angela Merkel and isolating anyone who may have ever supported him – this in the midst of Italy’s financials hitting the fan.

It’s always a good idea to call the richest nation in Europe’s leader an unattractive ‘lard arse,’ especially when your incompetent government and marginally powerful state has blown all of its money and threatens the economic stability of the European Union. If ever anyone needed proof that democracy can be the devil in disguise, Silvio Berlusconi is it. Additionally, if ever anyone needed a story about the heights of delusion and psychopathy, Silvio Berlusconi fits that bill, too. I guess he thinks those prostitutes sleep with him because he’s attractive. In reality, he looks like one of Wily Wonka’s oompa-loompas without the lovable aspect – an orange faced, gauche, trashy little troll who does his people a disservice in government and in international affairs. If ever there were a reason to laugh at Italy, Silvio Berlusconi provides it. Yet, no one is laughing while the country faces economic ruin and its leader isolates it from its brethren in the EU. According to the UK’s Guardian, recent wiretaps reveal Silvio Berlusconi bragging about his sexual prowess with prostitutes, 8 of them to be exact, although 11 in total were gathered for the bacchanal but he couldn’t oompa-loompa doopity do them all so he only went through 8. Those poor girls. I say that not out of sympathy but rather out of statement of fact: you must have to be pretty damn poor if the best John you can get is Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi, 74 and not a day shy of 13 mentally, brags on tape about all of the prostitutes procured for him by one of his supporters Gianpaolo Tarantini. Additionally, the Italian Prime Minister is accused of paying underage Moroccan Karima El Mahroug for sex. Just goes to show you the difference between European politics/ Italian politics and those in the United States: namely, he’d be nailed to a post here if he were accused of paying an underage girl for sex but I digress. What is so desperately tragic, aside from the obvious, is that this is Italy’s leader in a period of serious financial crisis in the EU and worldwide. Italy has the European Union’s 7th largest economy and it is in the hands of an ass. Because Italy dared have a problem with his behavior he has exercised the toddler protocol and called it a ‘shitty country‘ that he wants to ‘leave.’ Imagine, for a moment if you can, hearing your national leader calling your nation a ‘shitty country,’ all because he has been revealed to be a pedophile with a penchant for braggadocio and prostitutes. Again, this would all be quite farcical if it weren’t for the fact that Berlusconi leads a country in crisis within a supranational entity in crisis. Playtime’s over. The Telegraph reports that Italy could push the Euro to the brink unless the ECB begins to buy up Italian sovereign debt. Here’s my suggestion for the EU: kick Italy out, discontinue their ability to use the Euro, watch them descend into bankruptcy and then buy their companies and assets on the cheap. These people can’t be taken seriously, electing an ass like Berlusconi who has no qualms biting the hand that feeds him (see: Germany). Opposition from Germany’s Bundesbank to buying Italy’s strained sovereign debt could lead to the tipping point in the Eurozone’s financial crisis, and really, I don’t blame them. Where does it end? Too big to fail but also too big to bail. To quote The Telegraph: ” ‘Everyone is afraid our bonds will turn into scrap paper, but by returning to a budget balance one year early, the ECB has guaranteed that from Monday it will buy our bonds,’ said Umberto Bossi, Italy’s reform minister. But Silvio Berlusconi’s promise to balance his budget by forcing £35 billion (€40bn) in cuts past opposition MPs may be beyond the reach of his fractious coalition government.”  Further, “Many are not convinced Mr Berlusconi, 74, who is simultaneously embroiled in an underage sex scandal trial, accused of corporate fraud and locked in a feud with his most important coalition allies, is a credible figure to carry the fate of the eurozone in his hands. ‘Would you want to gamble everything on Berlusconi’s word?” I wouldn’t wager my enemy’s bank account on anything Mr. Berlusconi said, let alone the fate of the entire Eurozone project. I think it’s time to kick people out of the club, particularly profligate nations like Italy that have leadership like Berlusconi.

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