Pat Robertson approves of adultery and divorce if your spouse has Alzheimers. What a Christian.

Every time Pat Robertson speaks it is like a PSA for bad behavior, whether Christian or not. Some people have argued that he is old, talks a lot, and thus is bound to say stupid things. That’s all well and good, but most people don’t claim to have direct knowledge of God’s will and ways like Pat Robertson does. He is perhaps one of the single biggest deterrents for people who seek religion: a rich, hypocritical old man who spews forth bile and hate without even nary a reference to his so-called Bible. Well, today folks, Pat Robertson takes the cake and hopefully others will wake up and see him for who he is. This is the man who is about protecting fetuses from abortion and defending marriage from gay people. What does he think of until ‘death do us part?’ Well, while Pat Robertson may vehemently protect marriage from gay people, he personally advocates an arrangement of convenience. Namely, someone wrote in to his shill show asking for advice because his wife had Alzheimers and didn’t even recognize him anymore. Before even beseeching the great white lion of self-indulgence, this viewer apparently decided to go on ahead and cheat on his wife anyway and started seeing another woman. His question for Pat Robertson was: is this wrong? If you are a Christian, yes it is damn wrong. So very wrong, and so very vile. Clearly, his love for his wife was only insofar as he could derive pleasure from her company, whether physical or emotional. God forbid he help see her out of this life, seeing as how she’s losing everything anyway. Hey, what would she notice, right? Nothing. How damn cruel. I hope this causes a firestorm for this senile old ass because he sounds callous as hell. “I hate Alzheimers but..,” is his preface to his despicable statement that he should leave his wife, place her in custodial care because she’s dead anyway. The philosophical problem posed by such a statement is this: if she is breathing, yet incapable of recalling loved ones and family members, she is somehow no longer living? Yet a fetus, without any imprint whatsoever, is a human being worthy of having its life protected? What’s the difference, Pat, between an Alzheimers patient and a fetus? Other than the obvious: one was born, one has yet to be born but one is considered life worthy of concern while the other should be filed away in custodial care to die alone in some soulless institution, cared for by complete and utter strangers. I’ve argued multiple times that Pat Robertson is a charlatan who has made a luxurious living off of shilling for a phony Christ that he neither knows nor believes. Pat Robertson’s Jesus is the Jesus of social convenience,the harbinger of man-made eternal truths. The man cannot wait for God’s inevitable will to be fulfilled in his wife’s passing (as indeed we all shall?). Again, Pat Robertson’s God, his theology, his very person are born out of convenience and chicanery. He merely parrots what he has read from others and offers vile interpretations devoid of the original message he purports to carry. I won’t shed a tear for this jerk when he goes. I’m surprised no one has filed him away in custodial care, he has to be damn near senile at this point. That’s ok, Pat, we all know about your close friend Mobutu Sese Seko, the gold schemes, African blood diamond mines you own that use slave labor, as well as Charles Taylor in addition to your attempts to get the death penalty enforced for homosexuals in Uganda. Don’t worry Pat, if half of what you say you believe is true, then don’t be shocked by the volcanic climes you will inhabit in the afterlife. If you’re somebody who has fallen for his crap, wake up.

5 thoughts on “Pat Robertson approves of adultery and divorce if your spouse has Alzheimers. What a Christian.

  1. So it is ok to divorce our spouse if they get sick, kill people we are not sure are guilty, all in the name of what????? Go away Mr. Robertson

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