Top Posts Recap for September 7th to September 13th 2011.

Last week was rather slow and boring, thanks to the Labor Day holiday. Nonetheless, the posts from the last week tried to keep it lively, but not as lively as the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn. Also, everyone seemed to be fascinated by the large rodents of Bedford Stuyvesant in NYC. Pat Robertson’s prognostications of doom and God’s wrath being poured out upon the US continues with the cranes falling at the National Cathedral. McDonalds made a bunch of bad food that some still long for while Gumby has turned to a life of crime in this economy. Finally, the New Mexico State Trooper sex on the hood of a car scandal garners more interest from this readership than anyone could have anticipated. Enjoy if you haven’t already!

Giant Rats in NYC (Shocker).

West Indian Day Parade Shootings in Brooklyn.

The cranes are falling at the National Cathedral.

McDonalds’ failures.

Gumby gums up robbery attempt, Pokey no where to be found.

That State Trooper story that will not go away.