Shelanon Brooks, distraught dog owner and resident of California, left her precious Pomeranian Malibu in her car while enjoying a day at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. Park attendants rescued the dog from Ms. Brooks’ car and initially believed it was dead. The dog was taken to the park kennel to be held and given water. What will be immediately apparent to the viewers of this video is that this woman is a class one idiot. Shelanon Brooks’ Louis Vuitton dog carrier broke so Ms. Brooks thought the better idea would be to just leave the dog in the car in 80 plus degrees fahrenheit weather rather than have it suffer in a broken Louis Vuitton bag. There’s a statistic about those bags I find quite interesting: for every 100 Louis Vuitton bags encountered in the wild, of any type, close to ninety percent are fake but I digress. Malibu freaked out upon being left in a sauna for the duration of Ms. Brooks’ jaunt at Six Flags Magic Mountain and was rescued, per Six Flags’ park policy, from the death box that was Ms. Brooks’ car by Six Flags staff. Well the story gets better. Normally, just your run of the mill idiot story wouldn’t get so much attention but oh it gets more idiotic. Like any sane human or creature, upon being revived Malibu bolted through an open door and took off for freedom in the wide, black parking lot of Six Flags…and has not been seen since. Ms. Brooks is understandably distraught that her doctor prescribed dog ran away, but I guess the alternative would have been its corpse waiting for her in her car so I fail to see her side. At all. Further, what doctor prescribed a living animal as an emotional support for a woman who doesn’t appear to have two brain cells to rub together to generate heat? What doctor prescribes a living thing as an emotional support at all? That doctor needs to be punched in the face. I’m sure PETA is having a field day with the ‘prescription’ of an animal for emotional distress. Not judging whatever trauma Ms. Brooks may have suffered because who knows, but as far as her being upset about her dog? She’s sad for her, and no one else. The alternative was the dog dead but the reality is now Ms. Brooks can’t ‘imagine’ going home and the dog not being there. I’m sure the dog can and has imagined that, only to have its little prayers come true today.