U.S. Rep. Susan Davis reported in a letter to supporters on Monday that her campaign was among the many fleeced of funds by longtime Democrat campaign manager Kinde Durkee, who has been charged with fraud. Durkee also worked with many other Democrats including U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein. Allegedly Durkee had been embezzling money between accounts and campaigns, routinely transferring money from one to the other whenever missing money became a question. Apparently many of Durkee’s clients now face insolvency, a condition Susan Davis said that her campaign was not in danger of due to the maintenance of a reserve fund outside of Durkee’s control. It was emphasized that this fund was maintained for emergency scenarios, not because of any suspicion of wrongdoing on the part of Durkee. In an elaborate ‘shell game,’ Durkee used clients’ funds to pay for medical bills, credit card expenses and trips to CostCo. Just goes to show you that you can never be too trusting of someone else with your money, no matter how good their reputation is (see: Bernie Madoff).