“If Harry Potter were in the Old Testament he would have been put to death.”

I’m quite sure Harry Potter could hold his own, but this woman’s attempts at the Imperius Curse may give him pause. Watch this if you don’t want to sleep for a while. The above is part of the documentary “Jesus Camp” which follows Becky Fischer, the founder of Kids in Ministry International. What is contained therein is not only offensive by rational standards but also by Christian standards. We see a corpulent woman encourage children to babble to God, exhorting them to not be hypocrites, detailing to them how Harry Potter would be put to death if this were the period of the Old Testament (so would she, likely, be put to death if it were the same period – why? because she’s a woman preaching in public but these types ignore details like that), and just above all being an out-of-control nut. This is why no one takes religion seriously in this country. You’re not going to brainwash children and make them better believers. I found this on Richard Dawkins’ website, and we all know he is no fan of Christianity. Oddly, I don’t draw issue with the Christianity so much as I do the insidious indoctrination that is occurring here. Who’s to evaluate these methods and their psychological effects? I can guarantee you if I attended an event at which I babbled incoherently for a few minutes as part of spiritual training I would likely not return. This stuff is serious business too I’m sure. At the root of everything is money. I’m glad this lady is out there teaching children about hypocrisy. Thankfully her KFC-soaked fingers have plenty of time in-between eatings to count her money. “Jesus Camp, My Story” is the first book out about Ms. Fischer’s experiences with both the documentary and the backlash it caused.

5 thoughts on ““If Harry Potter were in the Old Testament he would have been put to death.”

  1. … And Becky Fischer deserved the backlash she received in 2006 and the intellectual backlash that she will again incur with her new book. It saddens me that Fischer is headquartered in North Dakota – a state I have called home my entire life. It further saddens me that our local newspaper all but celebrated the publishing of Jesus Camp: My Story. I certainly don’t advocate violence or hatred; nevertheless, I believe that anyone who is concerned with the wellbeing of children should have a vested interest in preventing Fischer from mentally destabilizing even one more child.

  2. Thank you for commenting Thomas! North Dakota, eh? Sorry to here that Becky Fischer shares a home state with you. I cannot agree with you more that, from what I saw, attempted brainwashing and abuse are definitely occurring. I also don’t think this is good-natured, it looks like a money racket. Why doesn’t she run camps for addicts? Abuse victims? People who need outreach? I don’t quite understand how babbling incoherently brings one closer to the creator of the universe. Your local paper celebrated the release of Jesus Camp? Do tell? It was quite universally praised for its exposure of a sub-culture within Christianity, but Becky Fischer’s behavior and methods have been maligned and discredited by intellectuals of both a religious and agnostic/atheist persuasion.

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