The Lost World of Lake Vostok.

I found this gem on and I had to share it here. Lake Vostok, Russian for “East,” is the biggest subglacial lake found underneath Antarctica. Andrey Kapitsa, as part of a Soviet expedition in 1959 and 1964, used seismic readings from the Soviet’s Vostok Station and theorized from his findings that there was a large, freshwater lake present underneath the ice. In 2005 there was an island in the middle of the lake discovered as well as two smaller, adjoining lakes. The documentary explores what the lake may be like and how it can inform our understanding of extraterrestrial life and what forms it can take. The lake is believed to exist because the extreme pressure of the ice above it acts like a blanket, trapping enough of the Earth’s heat to keep it in a liquid state. It is the world’s most pristine source of freshwater and the challenge is to study it yet not corrupt it with any outside influence that would damage this environment. Interesting and educational. Even Earth has environments that are quite alien.