Iran’s Bushehr plant is connected to the national grid.

The nation of Iran has connected its nuclear power plant at Bushehr to the national grid, providing the nation with 60 megawatts with a total capacity of 1000 of fresh nuclear power. The power plant’s construction was initially started in 1975 by German corporations but was put on hold due to the advent of the Islamic Revolution and a subsequent US high-tech embargo placed on Iran in 1979. It is of course suspected that Iran is using the Bushehr plant as a mask for a program of uranium enrichment to build weapons. Russian technicians have been working with the Iranians on the plant since 1998. Nicholas Sarkozy, French President, recently warned Iran that its pursuit of nuclear weapons, along with its long-range missile programs, may convince neighboring states to make a strategic move against the regime in order to preserve collective peace. Such realist behavior would not be out of the realm of possibility.

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