Virus cells utilized to fight cancer.

Scientists modified the vaccinia virus, the same used to develop the smallpox vaccine, to genetically engineer a virus that targets cancer cells. JX-594 virus needs specific chemical pathways found in certain cancer cells to replicate. The virus is delivered intravenously enabling it to target tumors that are visible. 23 patients, each with cancer tumors spread throughout their bodies, were given intravenous injections of the JX-594 virus. Of the eight patients who received the highest doses of the virus, 7 had the virus replicating in tumors but not in healthy tissues. The treatment sounds promising and us based on tried medical technology with regard to the smallpox vaccine. But if memory serves me right, wasn’t this also the cure for cancer that turned everyone into vampires in the Richard Matheson novel turned Will Smith vehicle “I Am Legend.” Gotta love scifi turned reality. Minus the vampire plague of course.