Sex-crazed New Mexico State Trooper fired, and not a damn was given for him.

The Santa Fe New Mexican is reporting that the cop who had public sex with a woman in front of surveillance camera has been fired and he has 30 days to appeal the ruling. Also, they have pictures of the poor guy here, and damn is the whole thing unfortunate. Not a vision of beauty, this guy. But hey, get it where you can eh? New Mexico’s citizens now have one less person to pull them over and potentially screw them. No paid administrative leave is perhaps the best thing. People talk all day about the honor of the badge and the uniform, good to see it is actually being enforced because his actions were pretty damn disgraceful. Get a hotel room and keep personal matters on personal time. I’m sure others are disgusted by the sex, I’m disgusted by the blatant disregard for the institution and what he is supposed to represent. This isn’t Vivid Video hour. Porn and real-life rarely need to intersect and when they do it isn’t quite how envisioned I’m sure.

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