Foxborough, MA man tries to steal Jeep during Irene from former female Marine.

Typically, criminals do not enter into situations with a lot of forethought or strategy. Indeed, if criminals entered into these schemes with any type of real coherence, they would probably realize the illegality, combined with the inherent irrationality of what they propose to do, should lead them to make better choices in life but I digress. A Foxborough resident who could not sleep was alerted by her cat in the middle of the night to someone rifling through her Jeep. Being a former marine and thus quite fearless, she went to investigate and found a young, clean cut blond haired man pilfering through her unlocked car? First off, why is your car unlocked in a major Boston suburb? Second off, huh? Upon being confront the young man said he was just ‘checking out the car because he thought it was for sale’ but backed away saying he didn’t take anything out. She apparently snapped pictures of him repeatedly and he escaped before her husband could chase him down. He fled in a white Hyundai, which would have been great evidence left behind if he had stolen the car although that car too could be stolen.

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