Facebook Date turned into getaway escape.

Don’t date random people you meet off of the internet is the cautionary message of this tale of forlorn love and abandoned promise. Ok, really some girl met some guy off of Facebook. Girl and guy agree to a date. Guy asks girl to drive him to some bookies. Minutes after arriving at Ladbrokes in Rhondda, New South Wales, Australia (you really can’t do better fiction than real-life…Ladbrokes? That should have been a sign. After all, you’re in Rhondda with two d’s not one), he returned armed with a knife and carrying a bag of money at which point he proceeded to make her drive at knife point. News.com.au got this story from The Sun and hilariously quotes this poor gal as saying that at this point she ‘knew the date was over.’ Right. Even more hilarious is News.com.au’s calling The Sun out for its hyperbole when they end the story with the ‘improbably quote’: “I thought I’d be ending the night in Adam’s arms. Instead, he had landed in the long arms of the law.” Oh, the British rags are always so good at infusing stories with drama and good dialogue. Further, we are told Adam Minton had a cocaine addiction and criminal past, things he ‘forgot’ to mention to Leah Gibbs before embarking on a new journey of love together. Sadly to say, I’m quite certain any and all hopes on either party’s end have now been effectively smashed. When reality won’t fill you in, The Sun is there to give it spice again.