Zombie HP TouchPad shambles forward.

HP is doing another run of its suddenly popular TouchPad, this just weeks after announcing the death of the platform and, indeed, of all HP’s WebOS properties. Demand for the TouchPad has been high since its prices have been slashed from something astronomical to $100 and $150 for the models. This has caused a firestorm that has seen many stores sell out of their stock and propelled the TouchPad into the number 2 spot underneath the iPad. Analyst worries that HP’s TouchPad maneuvering may have permanently crippled the non-Apple tablet market could prove to be well founded since now few people will be willing to pay nearly $500 for what amounts to an Apple knock-off but will gladly pay $100 or more. As to whether this signals reluctance on HP’s part to renege on its plans to discontinue the line, I would suggest we not hold our breaths. Likely there are parts and contracts to be fulfilled that we don’t know about or some other such technicality for the sale of TouchPads to continue. It is reported that HP isn’t making a lot of money off of the fire-sale TouchPads so it would make logical sense to conclude there are other factors outside of its newfound popularity for the continuation of the line.

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