Ortis Deley is having a bad day, poor guy.

C4 in Britain gives Ortis Deley the boot from being a presenter at the World Athletics Championships being held in South Korea following a dismal performance in said role. Struggling wit his fellow presenters names to constant referencing of his notes, Ortis delivered such beautiful lines like, “And when we come back, of course, we will have more live coverage for you from, um, here” and “We’ll be talking to the fastest man on no legs, who goes into the 400 meters tomorrow, Oscar Pistorius.” Further, “Pistorius running in an able bodied event there,” and, “We’re going to start our coverage of the highlights of this morning’s action with the men’s 400 meter hurdles and history in the making as Oscar Pistorius from South Africa makes history.” In conclusion: “We have a gloriously sunny day here in the studio, we’ve seen some action this morning here as well, Jessica, Ennis, Goodnight.” Please, hire him back. I think he’s amazing.

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